Monday, June 1, 2009


This is a "Multi System Foot Sized" made by ROLLERBLADE. I took this picture in a used fixture shop because it is so incredibly STUPID, a foot sizer to get the right pair of Blades on your feet. Fuck Off!
As if this wasn't enough to make you laugh (or puke) I found a list of R.B. Trick Names online too.

Soul grind, Top Soul, Sweat Stance, Kind Grind, Alley-oop Soul, Alley-oop Top Soul, Porn Star, Alley-oop Porn Star, Mystrial, Topside Mistrial, Misfit, Torque, Backside Torque, Frontside, Backside, Fastslide, Backside Fastslide, Unity, Sunny Day, Backslide, Alley-oop topside pornstar, Mute, Stale Japan, Invert, Method, 360, 540, 720, 900, 1080, 1260, Rocket Air, Cross Rocket Air, Lu Kang, Method Invert, Rocket Invert, Sad Plant, Acid Soul (BK Pride), Topside Acid Soul, Misty Flip, Bio 540, Negitive Makio, Makio,  Alley-oop Makio, Inspin, Illusion Spin, Fakie 360, 180, Fakie 540, Fakie 720, Fakie 900, Disaster Soul, X-Grind, Switch, Parallel Grab, Gumby, 180, Inspin, Zero Spin, Pud Slide, Royal, Backside Royal, Farfegnugen , Backside Farfegnugen , Wallride , Alley-oop, Shuffle, That Grab, This Grab,Tru ally oop soul, tru spin ally oop mizou, 270 frontside, 270 backside, 270 backside royale, tru royale, tru pornstar, 360 sweaty, illusion fakie 360, illusion fakie 540, monkey plant, zero ally oop fishbrain, fishrain, rocket fishbrain, inspin fishbrain, boardwalk, sidewalk, shopping cart, 360 fastslide, tea kettle, cab driver, rough grind, ally opp rough grind, rodeo flip, 360 flat spin, 540 flat spin, tru allyoop soul, 270 topsoul, 270 frontside royale, fakie 720 kind grink, negative makio, negative mistrial, negative mizou, negative fishbrain, negative ally oop acid.


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