Monday, February 25, 2008

Back from the DEAD!

 Back from the Dead and feeling like a normal person once again I survived another season of Magic in Las Vegas. First the Idea of going to Las Vegas for a tradeshow always seems like it may be devious and interesting like something from a Hunter S. Tohmpson novel.
 Although it is the city of sin Las Vegas never really pans out to be truly interesting. Plenty of Industry parties each with a different mix of freaks but always a pain in the ass to get into even if you do have the "Golden Ticket". Then you have to wade through all the shitty people acting like fools who are out past their curfews. Why is it that so many people suck, and especially in streetwear they persist to be the biggest clowns in fashion. I went for a week to set up a booth in the Streetwear section for Tank Theory but had been working so much the prior months actually spent most of my time asleep. I did take a few pictures the first morning before I lost my camera (well I found it in the car the last day so not officially lost).Spotted this dirty little bowl while setting up the booth the first day.
Rotten bottom like most of Las Vegas.
Tank Theory booth the first hour of the first day.
 Busy writing orders the first morning? It was a frenzy and once we got to this point It was time for me to relax. I spent some time checking out other brands to see if there was anything interesting going on but was soon bored out of my mind. Hung out with friends from Imaginary Foundation, Upper Playground, Mighty Healthy, and Mishka then soon headed for the bar. This years events featured a VICE party with the Black Lips to which I was to late for the open bar so we headed over to a Palms/Playboy party where even though we had special invites the fucking bouncers would only let us in for $50 each. FUCK THAT, meat-head retard who for one night gets to feel like he is responsible for entry to an amazingly popular club it's Vegas dumb fuck everything is fake. I soon found out that a few friends who had gotten in early were leaving because it was bunk, so we split and left that shithead to con someone else out of $$$. I saw so many freaks and fashion-fucked people at the trade show it is hard to explain. Having taken few pictures (in the absence of a camera) I boosted a few photos here from the Aarob Parrots blog who seems to have been everywhere I was and has much the same assessment.
This is exactly the kind of shit I am talking about. Not funny fool, no really you are a fool!
Gay Leprechaun go back to the Fitzgerald.
These hoodies make some people Hoangry.
Don't be scured, security is keeping things under control.
The Arab Parrot's full Magic review...

 Some good things do happen though, one of the guys from ALTAMONT won 1.7 Million on penny slots. Why pennies you ask, because after a week in Vegas thats all he had left. 
No shit!

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