Friday, December 28, 2007

Church of Richie White

New Grenada is a planned community set in the desert where there is nothing for the kids to do but hang out at the local rec-center. A kid hating cop named Doberman is convinced they're all on drugs and hassles the kids and the rec-center's owner daily. The parents are so obsessed with attracting industry to their new town, they have all neglected their children. As a result, the kids begin to create their own entertainment, which involves vandalism, theft, and general hooliganism.

Filmed during the late summer and fall of 1978 in the cities of Aurora, Glendale, Lakewood and Greeley, Colorado. Many of the supporting actors were kids from the local Denver area.
According to Tim Hunter, one of the writers of the film, "The real story took place in a town called Foster City [a planned community], which was this bedroom suburb outside San Francisco.A Kid who tells on another kid is a Dead Kid!

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