Monday, December 17, 2007

Suicide Deathride

Not one but two JetPacks are available for sale to the public right now! Both weigh over 100 pounds, include lessons with the purchase price and are powered by hydrogen peroxide.

Plans for a Suicide Deathride might go something like this...
You scrape up $250k and blow it on a Jetpack, then buy a ton of hydrogen peroxide at the corner store. Next thing you do is climb up on your roof with this 150 pound back pack, fill the fucker with peroxide, and launch yourself upward at 60mph. Now at 60mph you would get to about 2,500 feet above your roof in 30 seconds. Then what, you are out of juice and neither of these come with a parachute so you turn into a human meteor who weighs well over 300lbs and has 188 stories to fall back to earth...
Sound like fun?

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