Saturday, December 15, 2007

Work in Progress?

This is it, the ad said needs little work to get her on the road!
"All original" seller boasted, beautiful classic stocker $1,100.

I bought it thinking, price is great and with a little work I'll be on the road. After-all a little work isn't gonna be too difficult. Right?.

What the fuck did this cat know about little work?
I hoped allot but as shit would turn out, not much!
Now I imagine the only thing he was working on was getting in his step daughters pants,or working on setting up a kitchen to cook his own brand of Orangevale Orange.
You could say I bought it Hook, Line, and Tweaker.

A few months into it now and things are starting to look up. With the help of a friend who has built several A65s I completely rebuilt the unit. We overhauled the head and cylinders, got some stuff from Rabers in SJ, and some from England. Now wiring is all that is left to truly "get her on the road" and what the fuck, once I get it on the road I'm just gonna take it apart again anyways right.
So we'll get back to this again real soon...

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