Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hang Loose Sacramento

Ok, I know you might be saying "not another mash-up of the Phillips screaming hand" but this sketch was done several summers back when a few friends took a trip to Hawaii. Ricky and Curtis went on vacation together (thats cute right?) to visit another friend Chowbox. Anyhow on their trip they came up with this kind of retarded Hang Loose middle finger thing that they thought was hilarious. The whole trip was a booze soaked shaka-bird flipin' mess and when they came back it must have continued for at least a few more months. So one day at work this came pouring out of the old pencil but then was lost to one of my neatly organized piles of shit.
Just found it in a pile of stuff the other day and thought I might finnish this fucker, or just send it to the dead letter office.

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