Friday, January 11, 2008


NEKRomantik is a 1987 German horror film directed by Jörg Buttgereit. This controversial movie is banned in a number of countries due to its transgressive subject matter (necrophilia).
The story is about Robert "Rob" Schmadtke and his girlfriend Betty who share the same interest: corpses. Rob works in Joe’s Street-Cleaning Agency, which removes dead bodies from the street. This job gives Rob the chance to bring the corpses to his home where he and his girlfriend have sex with them. Not everything goes well and Rob is fired from his job and rejected by his girlfriend; things go downhill from there. Kind if like Eating Raoul but without the "Eating"...
Betty's a Manson fan, of course.
The film has spawned a sequel, Nekromantik 2, by the same director.
Tagline for Nekromantik 2: The return of the loving dead!
Find more "Dirt" on YouTube, orriginal trailer available.

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