Thursday, January 31, 2008

Swingin' Dickless

Meet Swingin', today is his birthday.
Swingin' was a fake friendster profile I had created to mess with friends back in 2003. If you don't know about friendster it was basically the pre-cursor to MySpace back then. So Swingin' was created with a whole back dated story and photos to support his fake history in order to confuse the people I was messing with. I think I used him in secrecy for about 2 years and had a blast hearing my friends describe how this freak named Swingin' on friendster was fucking with them. One day it seemed everyone was leaving the friendster thing for MySpace and I was subsequently bored of logging in every day as well so I killed it. A few months later I told people and many were freaked out to find it was me on the other end the whole time.

Some of his Bio
About Me:
I am a 36 yr. old single parent of 3 girls who's youngest just left the nest at 18. I am an accomplished Dance Instructor as well as a Certified Yogi, and an Illustrator. I have attached a few "get to know ya" photos to show of my  art skills. The picture of me is before the surgery and now my hairlip is gone Baby!

Who I Want to Meet:
Manage A Twizzels my Nizzels, can we swing Baby?
You can call me Swingin, and then lift up your skirt - God made Swingin, and Swingin don't hurt.
I have friends and that's a fact Like Agnes,Agatha,Germaine, and Jacq.
High School yearbook picture, one of several fake pictures designed to corroborate his bullshit lies.
He liked to draw and here is one of those drawings he did.
This was his Tattoo, I think the freckled skin was more funny than the cheesy tiger tattoo.
Anyway I got this today in my inbox and thought what has my old friend Swingin' been doing?
The answer is nothing.

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